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Dmitri is established in 1996.

Our activity is manufacturing Tos socks and Bullet proof vest.
And Dmitri dare to say "we do not make which we can not gurantee of quality."
Dmitri is working to feel happiness with our clients. That is our dream. Dmitri means "Dream is true"

To achieve our dream, we work under the slogan of "The pleasure of effective creativenss"

Please keep watch us how we work to approach our goal.


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    feelmax toesocks

Feelmax Toe socks are acknowledged as the one of best toe socks in the world. Feelmax is brand from Finland. Dmitri manufactures
toe socks in Korea. And all our Feelmax partners in Europe, Canada, USA and Asia use together to ensure our brand promise.

Feelmax's aiming is to secure the world market leader in this field. For more detailed information, please visit our partners' web site :  
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Our bullet proof vests have continually improved since the introduction of concealable body armor in the late 1960's. The materials we now use are thinner, much lighter and many times stronger.

Our all models meet or exceed NIJ requirement for wet and dry ballistic tests. Please click here Dmitri bullet proof vest to see our bullet proof vests.


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